At work in my studio. I can be contacted by clicking the contact button below Tel: 01273 516647

Making pots has meant excitement, challenge and joy over the last 35 years. Drawn to the craft initially as a personal therapy, I still experience as a miracle each vessel formed from the combination and transformation of water, earth and fire.

Function in its widest sense has always been a consideration and I enjoy using in everyday life the wheel-thrown goblets, mugs, plates and bowls I've made over the years. Recently, I have a more playful approach, employing a variety of making methods, of clays, of slips/oxides and of decorative techniques. Vessels are designed to contain plants, candles, poetry, water - and wind!! Votive pieces in a sense, celebrating nature. Surface texture and colour allude to the sea, rock, rockpools and lava flow.

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Below are some images of my work, left click on the image to open a larger view in new window.

Hanging Light & Water Hebrides Pot Angel Head Planter
Green Man Planter Volcanic Pot Planter
Candle and Rainwater Close Up Sea Bowl
Bird Bath Colander Ceramic Lamp Shade
Poetry Bowl Organic Vases Pile of Plates